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Quality is no accident.

At TubesUSA you will find access to some of the best information and products available to the
DIY enthusiast and the serious Audiophile.  We make available to the end user, the
finest vacuum tubes built today for your listening experience.  With brands such as Western Electric,
Emission Labs, Elrog and
KR Audio tubes, you will find the highest quality of manufacturing and
"fit and finish" to compliment your amplification.  We also offer some of the most unique
amplifiers available anywhere in the world. These amplifiers are totally custom units,
not the assembly line products sold to you in stores. 

Latest update:  1/4/2018

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Elrog Tubes Now In Stock!
300B, 211 and 845 now in stock!

ER300B - $1,449.95 per matched pair
ER211 - $1,849.95 per
matched pair
ER845  - $1,949.95 per
matched pair



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