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Introducing the new 316A triode amplifier from Arcturus Audio.
This amplifier uses the unusual and interesting 316A / VT-191 vacuum tube developed for transmitting and
radar service in the 1940s.  It is a versatile amplifier with headphone outputs as well as selectable
8 or 16 ohm speaker outputs with a muting switch.  It has a stereo preamp output as well, for connection to a
subwoofer, and four stereo input channels.  The gain is adjustable in three levels via a switch
on the chassis.  There is a meter to adjust and monitor the current through the 316A tubes.
The amplifier produces about 5 watts per channel with very low distortion.

Price is $7995 - In Stock

This is the 101D Line Preamplifier, built for a client.  It uses mercury vapor rectifiers and antique
Western Electric 101D vacuum tubes.  This is a low-gain preamp providing about 2.5 dB of gain.
It has a high-end volume control and four selectable inputs.  It has meters to
monitor the DC supply voltage and the current through the 101D tubes.  The wood side
panels are antique rosewood, as requested by the client, hand finished to a high sheen.

Price $9995 - Special Order

Arcturus Audio will be happy to entertain custom commissions for individuals, just as 
you see above.  Tell us what you want, we'll tell you what we can do for you. 

Some comments from a satisfied customer:

"Wanted to let you know that the preamp is up and running. Wife acceptance factor is real all I can say is good job! The sound is mellowing out and I'll be in touch 
with you to let you know how it's sounding in a few days-new speaker
cables and some new upgraded interconnects.”

"I really like the umbilical cord you installed in the preamp. It's very stable and very
impressive. My wife, and I, love the (side panels) woodwork on the
preamp. It's very becoming and an attention getter.”

"Well, that's it for now. I'm going to listen to some good music.  Thanks again, and tell
your group they built a good preamp and we are very happy.”

Bill J.

Here is our new moving coil step up unit.

Quality components, quality construction.
Unit features a gain selection switch to mate with your cartridge.


Felt pads ensure no damage to your furniture.
Price: $995 - in stock

PP-1 Passive Preamp


This is the new PP-1 Passive Preamp for those with a power amp
without a volume control.  This unit has dual mono attenuators
but is also available as a more complex unit with a stereo attenuator,
multiple inputs and a selector switch.
Price as shown:  $499 - in stock

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