Not just an replacement, but an improvement!

Type 2A3-Mesh Datasheet


This tube is a direct replacement for original the RCA 2A3 monoplate tube.  It features a mesh window in the plates.  This combines the electrical stability of solid plate tubes, with the non-resonance mesh material. We think this is the most ideal combination for a low power audio tube.

When a tube is given mesh plates, something magic happens to the sound.  We believe this is caused by the high damping properties of the mesh material.  When using mesh tubes, you will experience what people call a more "transparent" sound stage, meaning a more realistic stereo reproduction of the original sound recording.  With this quality product you will enjoy the very best of what small triodes have to offer. 

The EML 2A3-Mesh  tube is constructed for low  microphony. All critical parts, like filaments and  grids  are made of hard metal for higher reliability and reproducable quality. 


  • Mesh window plate 
  • Fully compatible to solid plate 2A3
  • Wolfram Grids (Note1)
  • Two extra large getters, flashing the complete tube bottem. 
  • Hand blown ST Glass bulb
  • Anti-microphonic plate- and grid  suspension
  • These tubes are shipped in a high quality dual box
  • Tube pinting with real gold (metal),  red color is burned into the glass 
  • Machined, solid tube base pins for highest contact precision
  • Gold plated pins,  black ceramic socket.  (White bottem)
Type 2A3-Mesh
High. Res.Images:
Front - Top - Bottem
2A3-Mesh  Filament Ratings
Filament Voltage 
2.5Volt (AC or DC) 
Filament Current 
2A3-Mesh Maximum Conditions 
Plate Voltage 
Plate Current 
Plate Dissipation Continious
15W att
Power Output in Class A 
3.5 Watt 
Grid resistor
2A3-Mesh Factory Test conditions
Plate Voltage 
Plate Current
Grid Voltage
matching data
2A3-Mesh Typical Data 
Plate Voltage 
Plate Dissipation 
Plate Current 
Grid Voltage 
Plate Impedance (Rp)
Amplification Factor 
Transconductance (Gm)
Load Impedance (Ra)
2A3-Mesh Mechanical Data
 Size including Socket:

175 x 60 mm
6.9 x 2.7 Inch

Tube weight
Shipped weight 
for double box
  • Note 1)  Hard-metal filaments prevent filament breakage with DHT Tubes.  This material has a higher melting point than the classical nickel wires. Wolfram grids  allow the most precise grid wire distance, because wolfram is an extreme hard metal.   This ensures better grid  precision, which gives uniformity and better linearity at the low end of the tube currves.
  • Note 2)  Individual Test data, such as:  Matching Data, Grid Current, Vacuum, Filament Current, etc,  are on the Certificate that comes with each individual Tube.  Each tube is numbered, inside the bulb  with a metal Tag
  • Note 3)  Tube Curves:  Made on the The Sofia Curve tracer, with courtesy of AMR, Wisconsin, USA.

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